How Does Harvesting Trees Help The Environment?

How does harvesting trees help the environment? We want to break that answer down for you. Check out the infographic below detailing some of the environmental benefits of harvesting trees.



Trees give us lumber for our homes and furniture and pulp for paper.


Saw mills play an important role in the economies of local communities and even the whole state.


Tree harvesting improves habitats for wildlife. Many animals rely on open areas with lots of sun. Others rely on young, regenerating forest, which is a result of harvesting trees.


A well-planned harvest can leave the forest looking like it wasn't harvested at all. 


Caddo River Forest Products is an integrated forest products company nestled in the beautiful Ouachita Mountains alongside the Caddo River in Glenwood, Arkansas. With plans to rehabilitate the 100 million board foot sawmill and operate its own timber dealership, the company will produce Southern yellow pine lumber (and related by-products) and market pulpwood for local pulp and paper mills. As a result, 130 direct jobs and 300 indirect jobs will be created - jobs which will become integral to the West Arkansas forestry industry.

If you’re interested in employment with us, please visit our Career Opportunities page, learn more about us, and download our application. We look forward to meeting you!