National Safety Month Workplace Activities


June is National Safety Month, and every organization, regardless of industry, is encouraged to participate! We've collected a few ideas and activities for you to implement this month to encourage workplace safety!

• Companies can conduct a safety meeting or toolbox talk on the weekly focus and encourage a discussion among team members.

• Organizations can send out weekly emails with the related articles and tip sheets to allow employees to read as they have time throughout the week.

• Articles and tip sheets can be printed out and provided to team members or posted on bulletin boards in common areas.  

• The president, owner or Safety Director can email a personal letter to all employees about what National Safety Month means for them with the message they want to convey to all employees.  

• Supervisors and managers can lead team safety activities such as conducting safety equipment inspections developing rescue plans or discussing job-specific hazards.

• Organizational leadership can recognize individuals or teams for positive safety related accomplishments.

• Spread the word on social media using the provided graphics or awesome photos of team members – don’t forget to tag your posts with #No1GetsHurt.