Proud of "Smalltown USA"

Small, southern towns sometimes get a bad wrap from the rest of the country. People complain that the people are closed minded, the town is boring, and that you can get "stuck." Hollywood's general perception and assumption that everyone that lives in a small town secretly wants to escape to NYC or L.A. doesn't help. 

Even though it isn't everyone's cup of tea, we are extremely proud of our little slice of "Smalltown USA." This community is beautiful in all aspects: the people, the views, and the town. If you're wondering why we prefer the small town life to the big city, we've laid out some of the reasons why we love Glenwood, Arkansas. 

1. People genuinely care about you. 

You can walk into the grocery store and have multiple people ask you about how you're doing. Not awkward small talk, not fake concern... real people that care about your wellbeing and want to know about what's going on in your life. It's refreshing to live in a town where people are nice and friendly and compassionate. If you're new to town, people will introduce themselves and invite you to community events. Everyone knows everyone, and it's a close knit community that takes care of everyone in it. 

2. Neighbors keep an eye our for one another. 

The idea of a neighborhood watch program is a little absurd in a small town because it's just a natural state of being. People keep an eye out for one another. If there's an unusual car parked in your driveway, someone will give you a call to make sure something isn't wrong. If someone hasn't seen you leave or heard from you in a day or two, they'll come over to make sure everything is okay. If they notice your mailbox is open over or your trashcan is knocked over, they'll stop to pick it back up. A small town is filled with neighbors that want to make sure you're looked after. 

3. You can actually hear yourself think. 

The silence itself is almost a noise out here. Crickets and frogs and the Caddo all blend together to great the perfect soundtrack to live your life to. Out here, you can actually hear yourself think. Thoughts are more clear and things are more simple. You can relax and decompress, making a small town the best place to live if you don't enjoy being stressed out all the time. 

4. People get creative on what to do. 

The rest of the country may think that a small town is "boring," but we know better than that. Dinner nights, football games, float trips, and just good company keep everyone pretty busy around here. On nights when nothing is going on, people can get pretty creative in how to spend their time. Bonfires, long walks, community events, card games... it might be a simple life, but it's far from boring. 

5. It's real. 

The people make a small town. Everyone here is genuine and caring, and that's the best part about Glenwood. People are real. We have struggles that we don't have to hide. We work hard, and we have fun. There are tears, and there is laughter. There are hard times, and there are triumphs. Our community pulls together when we need each other, and we rally behind our loved ones. It's a complete change of pace from the "fend for yourself" attitude of a larger city, and we couldn't be happier to call this small town home. 


Looking to make Glenwood your permanent home? We're always looking for hard workers to add to our CRFP family!