The Circular: September 2017 Edition


The September CRFP Newsletter is here!

We have hit the ground running since our grand reopening. Since then, we've accomplished so much as a company, and we can't thank our employees, their families, and the Glenwood community enough for the hard work, dedication, and support you have given us. 

Expectations have been exceeded across the board, and we're so proud and excited to show you guys what we've been up to this past month. Click to download the September newsletter, and make sure to sign up for our email updates to receive the next one right in your inbox! 

In this issue... 

  • Featured Blog 
  • Community Events 
  • A Letter from Brett Bray 
  • Accident Free Zone Updates 
  • Safety Effort Recognition 
  • Tips to Stay Safe in the Heat 
  • Production Numbers 
  • Holidays and Birthdays 
  • Featured Photography of CRFP