As Thanksgiving approaches, we want to take a minute to slow down and reflect on the success and support that we’ve been fortunate to have with this sawmill of ours. In Arkansas, we’re growing 4.7 billion more tons of Pine than we are harvesting annually. So we’re grateful to be able to contribute to making our forests more healthy and sustainable. That means a healthier ecosystem for wildlife, healthy aesthetics, and good clean air. While we’re continuing to surpass our expectations of production, we’re looking forward to phase two of our growth. Soon we’ll be producing 180 million board feet annually. We anticipate producing about 50,000 board feet an hour. So on a 10-hour shift that would be 500,000 board feet a day. That’s lumber that will contribute to the building of homes and buildings in the USA.

As much as we’re thankful for industrial opportunities, we’re most thankful for being able to reunite families and help this community grow stronger. One of our employees put it this way,

“I was traveling hitting the road going state to state. Doing the best I could, you know, to make a living. But I was waiting for this thing to open up just so I could be with my family.”

We’ve been told that since the mill opened back up, the people of Glenwood are happier. There have been other small business re-opening, and the community is thriving. We couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this city’s revitalization. We love Glenwood. Life is good in Glenwood. We have four lakes within 20 miles of us. We’ve got the Caddo River to canoe on. We have a fantastic golf course within 25 miles. We have the Arkansas Diamond Mine just down the road. Life in Glenwood, Arkansas is good!

This mill would not be operational without the unwavering support of several people and organizations. The opening of Caddo River Forest Products was three and a half years in the making. We’re grateful for people like Jeff Kellum, who had the guts to rally support and pursue the dream of this mill opening back up. We have to thank the time and financial investments from McCaslin Barrow & Henderson, Castle Hill Investment Firm, and Blue Wolf Capital. Pike County has been a huge believer in the mill and played a big part in making this a reality. We can’t say it enough, we’re thankful to do what we do where we do it.

We are continuing to create jobs, so If you are interested in joining our growing team, you can apply here.

Caddo River Forest Products